One would never ordinarily associate Date Night with Peanut Butter.

Perhaps a romantic picnic, or body-chocolate, well maybe if you’re still young and newly-wed. But I guess as one gets older, and feels more young-at-heart and weak-in-the back… takes a lot more work to keep the flame alive. Certainly in these busy, modern times.

So on one of those particularly busy days, on a school-night nogal, hubby and I boldly set out to brave a Date Night, after a very, very long time. Well, after the usual after-hour rat-race through traffic, the scramble through Domesticity, a desperate attempt to make an effort to dress, harried hair-do and mad dash to put a face on, it was time to go.

We found ourselves in a packed, local church, with other brave souls that had also made the effort. Hosted by Focus on the Family Africa, we were about to experience Date Night:Cracking the Code.

Presented by Dr. Gary & Barb Rosberg who are co-founders of America’s Family Coaches and sought-after marriage fundi’s we were about to be coached on the art of relationships by this remarkable couple, who together address marriages with the benefit of experience, and biblical truth. Gary & Barb Rosberg are also radio speakers and reknowned authors; some of their works include ” Healing the Hurt in your Marriage” and “The 5 sex needs of Men & Women”

Dr. Gary & Barb Rosberg – Durban, South Africa 18.10.17

With a humorous style, and obvious synergy between the two, our gracious American duo soon had the audience warm to the idea and the evening promised to be fun and enjoyable whilst aiming to encourage couples to date each other again and find renewed intimacy and connection, by allowing God to enter the midst of our lives and enjoying Him and each other as husband and wife.

Whilst the average South African isnt really known for great public displays of affection, all inhibitions soon had to be set aside, as we were duly warned that the aim of the evening was to encourage couples to enjoy each other again, and we would all be expert smoochers by the time the evening was through. So with nervous giggles, and quick glances around, we soon started uncracking the Code that the Rosbergs had developed.

Without giving too much of the content away, as this is really something I would recommend for married couples to experience, we worked through each click of the dial, only to be interrupted by Dr Rosberg at random moments. Moving from 2 to 4 second increments, couples were asked to face their spouses and lean in for a smooch. Sounds easy enough, except when you’re in a room full of strangers and then perhaps had got in after that small spat in the car-park, it isn’t all that simple.

Well, after gently persuasion and regular insistence, everyone soon realised the value of the exercise, and the encouragement to literally have specific face-time with their spouse.

Now picture if you can – a packed church full of couples, engaged in a mass-smooch, instructed to hold for 2 or 4 seconds, whilst a strong American drawl counts out seconds….”1 – peanut butter, 2 – peanut butter….” …….regularly throughout a 2-and-a-half-hour relationship coaching-session.

Needless to say if you were not on speaking terms at the start of the evening, you had no choice but to eventually concede . And if you’re anything of a giggle-box like I am, there was no way but to enjoy ones self in the process.

The Rosbergs continued throughout the evening to season the time with a wealth of wisdom and keys to connecting, conversing and committing to more couple-time and dating habits, in an effort to renew marriage relationships. Clearly smooching is preferable to talking !

For all the flurry it took to get there, I am personally so glad that I did.

Marriage today is difficult, and just to receive wise counsel and biblical guidance from seasoned coaches, and an obviously successfully married couple, as well as be surrounded by other couples committed to nurturing their own marriages, one cannot help but feel supported and encouraged to do the same.

It took a while to write this blog, as I have been digesting the experience. The Rosbergs do visit South Africa regularly and I would really encourage more couples and families to keep an eye/ear out for any upcoming events that may be hosted by Focus on the Family, Africa for future. It can only enhance your family-life and sense of personal well-being.

So I’m off, just taken an inventory and suddenly realised we’re out of Peanut Butter……



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