Serenity in Solitude

              Seek peace not in busy company; embrace the solace you find in your own.

Life is busy. A flurry of frantic fumblings, schedule, racing thoughts and multiple menu’s. To-do lists, activated alarms, demanding diaries. My own no different. Perambulating on the outskirts of soon to be on vacation. A mean flirtation with almost there. But not quite. A million more things to be seen to before one can truly put the year to rest. Mummy-ministrations, domestic demands and on the list pgoes.

So when a welcome mid-week break presented itself, I rose to embrace some critical quiet-time with the certainty of a woman who once could not.

I love the ocean. The spirituality of the sea. It calms me. So when this brief moment in time came upon me it seemed only natural to head to the coast. North this time. My other saving grace is driving. I love it. The freedom of a long,open road. So a pleasant drive to the coast doesn’t get much closer to my own personal state of bliss; possibly even more than actually arriving there.

So off I set – just Me, and my 2 faithful friends Myself and I.  Loyal, constant buddies that have over time perfected the art of speaking when in need of internal dialogue and staying when silence is embraced. I cannot say that I am a loner as I enjoy the pleasure of gracious company; in fact I could say I thrive on it. Sadly the burden of  this strength that has developed over time is that I truly enjoy my own company. In fact, truth be told, some days I favour it.

I embrace silence and the world it affords one the freedom to engage ones own thoughts before they leave the exit of ones own lips. They mull around and over while they refine their intent. Preparing to slowly take flight in speech. Other times I am not so fortunate, and they force through the emergency glass of my own discretion, hurtling into reality without brake.

But back to solitude. What about it suits me ?,  I often ask. For at least 30 years of my life I have fought this intrinsic need to spending time with my own. In fact society dictates the applaud it gives to those who run in packs. Wolves, I think they are called ?  But no clap of hand for the lone star in the dark night. In fact, it is the lone that become prey to those  that hunt.

Well as sleeps count down to the Big 40, I can safely state that I no longer conform to that expectation. Its not that I have decided to relent and throw myself in but more that I I have stopped my internal fight against my own natural inclination.

I embrace the serenity of solitude. Revelling in the wisdom of the unspoken. The deafening quiet released from noise bringing with it supernatural solitude and Peace that no manufacture can bring.

I imagine that deiberate efforts to create silence, invites Peace. And where Peace is welcome, God will enter in.

Taking the time to spiritually recharge allows us to set aside human concerns and busyness and noise. To embrace what the soul needs to heal, restore and revive. To reconnect with its Creator. Peace to the soul is like feed to a baby. Air to the lungs. And as often as we sometimes forget to breathe in our busy days, so too do we forget to nurture our spirit-life.

Not the quick, shallow breaths of a manic, stressed world. But the deep, full inhalation of breath to the diaphragm. Satisfying, bringing content.

How often do we miss the chance to embrace time alone with our Maker. To allow His Spirit to minister to ours.  Our own angst preferable to His voice. Refusing to relinquish control. Rejecting Sovereign wisdom to our own.
If silence is the key to wisdom and the pin-code to Peace, please excuse me while I shut my mouth.


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