Turning 40

So this thing happened over the weekend. I turned 40. And while we don’t party like we used to, we certainly partied differently. And at the end of the day, I stopped to take stock. And found these words at the end of my thoughts : ” As the gifts have all been opened and the cakes have turned to crumbs. It’s a time to express thanksgiving and look how far I’ve come. Deeply and sincerely grateful to friends far and near. Who by a word or blessing to this day have brought their cheer. For the open hearts of family who added life to this special day, I simply cannot find the right words to fully say. So full of content and quiet reflection now as I take the time to bow…….. To my Lord and Saviour Jesus, My Hope, my Peace,my King. For His everlasting Love to me and all the Grace it brings. For the Fathers Hand upon me as He has brought me through the years. For the Holy Spirits guidance, and His Comfort through my fears. As I now set out to walk the windy path that lies ahead. I walk with Faith and Courage.With certain steps I tread. To know for sure my Lord is with me. As I have seen in year’s gone by. I know He will always be near me. His proof I cannot deny.”


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